Stickman Ghost 2 APK 8.0.0

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Can’t get enough of stickman games? Download Stickman Ghost 2 now and enjoy fighting powerful enemies and fight in space. Enjoy epic challenges and skills!

Stickman Ghost 2 APK 8.0.0
Name Stickman Ghost 2
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 8.0.0
Size 131.30 Mb
Category Action
Developer Unimob
Price Free
Google Play Link com.unimob.stickman.ghost2

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Stickman games are simple yet so enjoyable for many people. They usually just involve fighting various types of enemies in different places. These RPG games are fun and all but if you’re looking for the next one, then you should stick to this page. Stickman Ghost 2 is a new game from Unimob that features one of the best role-playing games in existence. In this action RPG, you can enjoy upgrading your stickman warrior today. Fight plenty of robot armies today and enjoy a variety of levels.

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Here, you can use different weapons such as melee, swords, guns and many more. Then you can also enjoy different pets and more than 100 items that you can enjoy today. Upgrade them as well as your character and enjoy a stickman fighting game today. There are many powerful robot warriors that you’ll fight here in different places as well as quests that you need to complete. This is one of the best stickman games in existence today and you can enjoy a unique talent system.

Fight in Space

There are many enjoyable and fun stickman games available right now. There are RPG, tower defense, action games, running games and more. Stickman games are one of the most versatile games since they can be molded into different types without losing their incredible nature. It’s satisfying for players to be able to perform different moves for their characters even though it’s just a stickman. In Stickman Ghost 2, you can enjoy a whole new fight against robots and powerful foes.

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Here, you’ll face many enemies such as ninjas, snipers, robots and many bosses in various levels. There are more than a hundred stages available in the game and hundreds of quests and daily missions as well. Stickman Ghost 2 is one of the best war games in existence since you can upgrade your character here to increase his attack, defense, HP and other stats. You can also upgrade your skins and unlock many different ones such as Iron, Major, Soldier, Assassin, Santa, Pervert and many more.

You can also enjoy many weapons that you can unlock and upgrade here such as Sword, Punch, Nunchaku, Double Blade, Shuriken, Giant Sword and more.

Stickman Ghost 2 Features

If you enjoy stickman games, then you’ll enjoy Stickman Ghost 2. This is a new one that will captivate you today. Level up your ninja warrior!

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Enjoyable Offline RPG – When we say RPG, we usually associate it with games that allow us to explore and perform many quests. But over the years, the RPG genre has evolved and it now includes many games that are hybrids. This means RPG games today can including shooting and even action genres. In Stickman Ghost 2, you can enjoy a ninja stickman game where you can fight against plenty of stickman opponents.

Here, you can unlock and use various types of weapons which includes your fists, blades, guns, kicks and other skills. There are also many types of items that you can get here such as potions which allow you to regenerate your health. Perform many combos today and fight various enemies such as ninjas, robots and assassins. Then, there are also the talent system with a skill tree that you can enjoy right now. Lastly, you can enjoy stunning graphics and controls.

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Fight in Many Stages – There are more than a hundred stages available in Stickman Ghost 2. Here, each stage is set in space such as Saturn, Black Hole and many other places. There are also over a hundred main quests and daily missions that you can enjoy right now. By completing these stages, you can proceed to different levels and face tougher bosses and enemies. You’ll also be able to enjoy different enemies today where they are equipped with different weapons.

Unlock and Upgrade – What’s fun in an RPG game like this is that you can always evolve and become stronger. As you complete levels and face tougher enemies, you’ll be rewarded with many coins. Then, you can use these to unlock more weapons such as Punch, Double Blade, Shuriken, Giant Sword, Nunchaku, Sword, and many more. You can then unlock each of these so they can increase your stats today.

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What’s even more fun here is that you can unlock many skins and powers here. There’s the Iron, Soldier, Major, Santa, Assassin, Pervert, and many more. By unlocking and upgrading them, you can become more powerful.

Stunning Locations and Graphics – There are many stunning locations that you can play in this game. The graphics are stunning and elegant to lok at as well. Enjoy a fun game today.

PVP Arena – If you think you have what it takes to go global, fight with real players now in the PVPV Arena!

Download Stickman Ghost 2 APK – Latest version

Enjoy Stickman Ghost 2 today and get a taste of intergalactic battle! Cut down enemies here!

Download Stickman Ghost 2 [131.30 Mb]


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